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PLANGING CHACES – an ebook of card transpositions.

Review from Genii Magazine here

featuring the following routines:

Two Card Transpo Jnr – Building from an idea I put in ‘The First Eleven’, two cards swap places between the deck and you pocket. Then they transpose again!

One Fech Of A Surprise – Based on an Eddie Fechter effect, two selections are made, with one being placed in your pocket. The second selection is found, which changes into the first selection! The card is brought from the pocket to reveal….it’s changed back to the first selection again!

You And I – a transposition trick using only two cards (yes ONLY TWO CARDS – no extra cards or deck needed). Two cards are passed to the magician, and signed if you will. Yet they still transpose under these impossible conditions.

A Bold Change – Two cards changes places despite one being left face up on a tabled deck.

Changing Of The Cuards – Think Dr Daleys Last Trick with the surprise revelation of a selected card! Also includes an extra handling by Shaun McCree!

Snappy transposition – a visual card transposition, where the spectators card visually changes into another before the spectator herself manages to find her own card. Also includes a kicker handling where the cards swap places again.

Merlin-esque – a short routine where a face up card on top is the deck switches places with another.

A Dream Transposition – a red backed card is shown in your wallet, say 7C. You put it back and have a card selected from a blue deck and signed (say AS). The signed card visually changes into a 7C. When the red backed card in the wallet is shown, it’s the signed AS. This routine does NOT use a card-to-wallet wallet.

Some reviews can be found here


featuring the following:

Slippy Sandwich – a two selection sandwich routine, as well as a transposition, that doesn’t use the standard loading move.

Fourbearers – the four kings are placed to one side. Three selections are made and they appear between the kings….without the kings ever leaving the table. Includes a second, more gutsy version for the brave.

Psychic mystery card……of death – a handling for the ‘Chicago Opener’ plot, with three revelations and some built in comedy.

Fight! – how to reveal a selection twice: once as a mindreader, then as a magician. Also includes a two – selection handling.

The World’s Greatest Card Vanish – a routine where a signed card vanishes from a between a specator’s hands…almost.

One hand top palm idea – a technique to hide eliminates most of the common flaws associated with the one hand top palm.

Also included, as a FREE bonus is…

PDS transposition – a way of effecting a transposition between any two small borrowed objects; no duplicates required!

Reviews for Some Things With Cards can be found here and here


“All the items are varied and interesting and make a good collection of strong, practical card magic” – Peter Duffie
“BSBCS is very clever” – Richard Osterlind

“What the hell is an ebook?” – his mum

False Overhand Shuffle

Twirl Double Lift

BSBCS: A spectator shuffles a deck, which can be borrowed, the performer turns away and asks her to grab a packet of cards from the middle of the deck, think of one and then replace the packet on top of the deck and shuffle. Only now does the performer turn round. Immediately, and without touching or looking at the deck, he begins naming cards that were in the packet. He then goes on to name the thought of card!

Sidetracked Transposition: An alternative handling for Dorian Rhodell’s ‘Sidetracked’ effect, in which two packets transpose under impossible conditions. This handling eliminates any false shows or counts, as the moves are done before the effect has begun. Also includes a suggestion by Dorian Rhodell to add a double punch finish.

Credit Card Theft: A spectator’s writing vanishes from the back of one card and appears on another.

Anniversary Waltz: An impromptu version of the classic Fusion/Anniversary Waltz effect, where two cards, signed by two different people, magically merge into one card.

Eliminator: Whilst a spectator shuffles a deck of cards, you make a prediction. The spectator freely deals two piles of cards, shuffling and dealing as they go, eliminating piles one by one until they are left with one card – and it matches the prediction. Includes a bonus handling by Peter Duffie!

Two Card Transpo: From a shuffled deck with no duplicate cards, two cards magically change places, and, for a kicker, swap back again!

Absolutely Positive: The magician removes a prediction from his pocket. A spectator is given three imaginary silver coins to hold and place on the table before him. In their imagination, one coin is selected. The spectator, again using their imagination decides whether the coin is heads side up or tails, let’s say they call heads. All this is done without the spectator saying a word. The magician draws the spectator’s attention to the prediction. The spectator opens it to reveal a blank piece of paper. The magician draws the spectator to the other contents of his pocket on the table …one coin, and it is heads side up – matching their imaginary choices exactly!

ESP Card Force: a psychological forcing technique for ESP cards.

TCP ESP: using five ESP cards and an envelope, you are able to simulate three psychic demonstrations: telepathy, clairvoyance and predicting the future.

Some reviews for the First Eleven can be found here, here and here


2 Responses to Ebooks

  1. pipthecat says:

    So how do you request the new E book to read when i have finished going through the second one and how do you send a payment if you like it ?
    Uni-Que / Mike

    • johnholtmagic says:

      It a very complicated system involving penguins, 3 tubs of Swarfega and a footpump…that, or you can email me at John@johnholtmagic.co.uk with ‘Planging Chaces’ as the subject and I’ll send you a copy.

      On second thoughts, definitely go with the second option… 😉

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